7 Creative Furniture Designs for Compact Living Spaces

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In this modern era, there are more and more types of designs for various residential sizes. Currently, there are more and more residential areas that provide houses with living rooms that are not too large. This is the condition that makes you need to adapt the interior design of a minimalist home to maximize the existing space to make it look aesthetic and impressive.

The existence of minimalist furniture plays an important role in emphasizing the interior design of a minimalist family room. The following are 7 innovative furniture designs that are suitable for minimalist living rooms.

1. Cabinet and Dining Table

You can make or look for a table design that you can rotate on the top. So, you can slide the top shelf to become a transverse table, and then you can still use the bottom cupboard/shelf to store lots of things. When the table is not in use, it can be bent back to the side of the wall so that the space can expand again. You can choose a cabinet made of teak so that it is more durable.

2. Multifunctional Bed

This is a design idea that has been implemented by many people who have minimalist spaces. This is a bed with a design that uses under the bed to be used as a storage cupboard. This design cannot only be used in the bedroom but it can also be used in the living room by making a folding partition to make it more private. You can also choose a frame material made from teak wood which guarantees your durability.

3. Multifunctional Seating

The next furniture design is a side table made with a spaced block design. The space inside can be divided into two. Then the two sides of the top cover are made differently. One side is made with flat wood, the other side is made with foam which is comfortable to sit on.

The flat side can be used as a table, and the soft side can be used for sitting. Then the space inside can be used for storing goods.

4. Multipurpose Cabinet

You can look for minimalist cabinet furniture designs with relatively small sizes. However, there is enough space to place cooking equipment such as a microwave or something like that. Then there is a side that forms a shelf for placing boxes, jars, and so on. Then the bottom is made into a small cupboard that is enough to store several other kitchen tools.

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5. Small Sofa Bed

This is one design that has gone quite mainstream lately. Almost all houses that have minimalist spaces will have this model of furniture. You can make or look for a sofa bed without handles to provide a wider space and without any barriers that could interfere when you want to lie down on the sofa bed.

6. Extendable Table

This table design is very suitable for those of you who have a house with a dining room that is not too large but also allows you to welcome more guests when needed.

The design of this table is that the two sides of the table can be pulled left and right, then this will open up space in the middle of the table. After that, there will be extendable and foldable tables that can be pulled out, making the size of the table much wider and sufficient to provide more space for eating with guests who visit your house.

7. Multifunctional Shelf with Table

This shelf has an unusual design while still having the basic function of placing items such as books, vases, or other things you want. This function is very suitable to be placed in a minimalist living room.

When you need it to work in the living room, you can pull out the table which is connected to the shelf, as well as the supports which will make the table sturdy enough to use.

The table and support are bent at the back of the shelf which will provide more space when the table is not in use but will provide more function when needed, therefore this furniture is really worth considering.

Those are some minimalist furniture ideas that you can choose from. You can look for teak wood to get long-lasting furniture. Hopefully, the review above can provide minimalist design inspiration for you.