The Beauty of Indonesian Teak Outdoor Furniture

Indonesia is known as a country that is rich in natural products and natural beauty. One of Indonesia’s unique treasures is teak wood. Teak wood is a hard type of wood and is widely used for making furniture.

Not only is it known for being sturdy and hard so it is durable, but teak wood also has the natural aesthetic beauty of wood, this is what makes teak wood a very sought-after furniture material.

Key Highlights of Indonesian Teak Furniture

Teak wood itself has become a historical and cultural element inherent in Indonesia, where this wood is synonymous with ancient furniture such as in palaces or royal relics.

The following are other advantages of teak wood furniture:

1. High Mechanical Strength

The high, durable, and long-lasting mechanical strength of teak wood is produced by dense and dense teak wood fibers. The natural chemicals contained in teak wood add strength and make it more durable.

The growth process of teak wood also determines its level of hardness and durability. Teak trees that grow naturally in dense forests will experience a relatively slow growth process so that the fibers are much denser and denser. So, it is not surprising that genuine teak from the forest has a higher price.

2. Level of Hardness

From the review above, it is common knowledge that the hardness of teak wood is the best compared to other types of wood.

Most furniture nowadays is produced only from wood, the quality of which is not as good as teak. This is due to pursuing demand and production numbers, but of course, the results and quality of furniture cannot be expected.

This is different with teak furniture which can last much longer and can be supported by termite protection. So, it is not surprising that the teak furniture that is often found today was produced from ancient times.

3. Resist Pest and Insect Attacks

The natural chemical content in teak wood functions as a natural pest and insect repellent. This content is called lignin tannin and other compounds.

The function of tannin is as an antioxidant and natural preservative in high concentrations to prevent fungi and pests in teak. Other natural ingredients are natural oils which will naturally repel insects. The natural, dense, and dense texture also acts as a natural insect repellent.

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4. Resist Weather Changes

You may find a lot of teak wood furniture used outdoors, and this is done because teak wood is considered to be very resistant to any weather changes.

The natural content in teak can strengthen the hemicellulose and cellulose in teak, and this is what makes the structure denser and tighter.

So, it is not surprising that the condition of such fibers will be very helpful in increasing durability and preventing damage caused by weather and sunburn.

The oil content in teak wood also helps maintain the moisture level in teak so that it is not attacked by fungus which is the main problem of furniture damage.

5. Resistant to Water

The contents mentioned previously also ultimately make this teak wood resistant to water which risks damaging furniture.

The density of the fiber means that water does not affect the humidity much and protects it from excessive humidity levels. This mechanism works naturally which adds to the beauty of teak wood furniture.

However, water will still affect teak wood in terms of appearance, for example, the surface will become mossy. This can be reduced by adding a layer such as a wood preservative which makes the beauty last longer.

6. Unique Attraction

Teak wood has a natural and beautiful grain. The shapes of the fibers are also varied and they all have very beautiful motifs.

The natural brown color produced by teak wood also has several different gradations, some are whitish brown, and some are dark brown. You can adjust it to your taste and match it with the interior of your home. That way, you will get a combination of interior and teak furniture that synergizes perfectly.

7. High Durability

Looking at all the reviews above, it can be concluded that teak wood has very high resistance compared to other types of wood and is very suitable for making large furniture.

For those of you who need a large wardrobe that will last for tens of years, then you can look for furniture made from teak wood or that is matched with teak so that the overall structure can last and can still be used for a long time.

That is a review of the advantages, beauty, and attractiveness of Indonesian teak wood. Teak wood has now become the center of world attention, which is very interested in the high specifications of teak wood. Many countries use Indonesian teak to make furniture or other furniture which is very useful in their daily lives. You can also determine the furniture model that suits your taste. Hopefully, this review is useful and inspiring.

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